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Creating High Authority Dofollow Backlinks

Welcome back. We were in the course. Now, once you have understood all the things about back links, now it is time to create some beveling and start the link building process for our Web site. So these are top five. Do follow high authority Web sites where we can create our profile for this Web site. A very, very high domain authority.

 Ninety six. Ninety three. Ninety two. You can check that yourself. So these are Duflo. I have checked it myself. People will give you so many less for this type of Bulbeck links. They will say that these are Duflo, but the most of them are not do follow. Most of them are nofollow. That is why I have selected this by five Web sites where we can create better links. 

Now, the thing is, the last lecture I told you you should not create BECC links in the first two months for this single article. So I was talking about this single articles, you know, when you click an article in your Web site. So this is a new page you can see on the top. The domain name is a different thing. OK. The Cambra list dot com is a domain name. It is not related to our keyword. Our keyword is this single article, which is Gamora list dot com best waterproof camera under 100. OK. 

Different page for Google

So this is a very, very different page for Google. This is a separate page. Google looks at every page separately. So we had to actually talk about this page. We have to optimize this page for Google and we will create better links for this page. But later on, not in the first two months, because if we create in the first two months, it will be unnatural and it will look unnatural after two months. 

It will be nature like a we have content on our Web site. And now people are linking back to us or we are creating backings. So that will look nature to Google as well. So now let's go to create some profile Bucklings. Let's say, for example, I have I will just copy this udemy dot com and I will go there. How you can create a becklin then displaced these. You are ELDs one by one here. 

Like if you create your account on Udemy dot com. This is an e-learning Web site where people have like courses about almost every topic. Why? I'm saying this big link is very, very powerful because you can create up your profile and just talk about your topic. You might have like any topic for you. Like it may be like gardening. It may be like middy medicine. 

Or maybe it is like about cameras or about fashion or about sports or anything. Now, after that, when you create the profile here, you just click here, you know, on the top here. On your name, you create. You just click this option in here, they will say profile and setting. 

Option here is your name

So the first option here is your name. This is your name here headline. Then write some biography like I have written about SVO and teaching here. And then you can simply add your Web site link here and social media accounts also. So this is a do follow burgling and it will straight give you like four to five points of B directly. Deeyah, you can say like if you are zero D.R and you create the single Becklin here, it will be like four or five Deeyah here from zero to four. 

It will jump like that. So this is very, very powerful. Now if we go to public profile here, you can see this in my public profile here and the Web site has a burgling in the background. So this is a very portable burgling and very, very easy to create. So but you have to publish one course. If you have a course, you can also make money here. Just publish your posts here and put a price. And you people will be laddering that course from you. 

If you don't have a cause, just create a 30 minutes or 40 minutes course video course and put it for free here. OK, once you put the course here on this Web site for free, then you will get this battling for free, OK? This is a do follow burgling and very easy to create, I think. OK. Now the next Web site is this one, Microsoft, for example. So you had to go to Google and fried their Microsoft community, OK. So this is also do follow burgling.

 You need to write Microsoft dot com community. And then you had to go to community that click the first option. Now, here you have to register yourself like signing or sign up. This is Microsoft. Tech community. So I will just say, okay. Create a new account or, you know, click sign in. Okay, so I will create a new account here. Okay. All key. So a new account you had to create a new e-mail, if you will. If you already have an e-mail, then you can put that. If you have Microsoft, Microsoft e-mail, then you can edit. Otherwise, I will use a mobile phone number right now. 

Microsoft dot com community

Okay. OK. Now it is asking to create a password. So they have sent me a call to my mobile, which I had to enter here. Yes, I got the cord on my mobile, and it is five zero six to. So after that, next. And account will be created. OK. So they're saying you can add your email, all key will aid or e-mail, OK? The other one which we have like on Google. OK. So beginning that here. So it did that email.

 And now it is saying, like, you had to verify your e-mail as well. We got it from here. And one battling we got from Microsoft. And you should also get one at IBM and wanted Dell dot com. And this one eudy me once again, I'm telling you, this is very, very powerful, Becklin.

 I have used it, you know, and I have seen the the the power of this Becklin. But unfortunately, this is only one. So if you want to create one more, then you have to create another profile. Now, in the next lecture, we'll talk about other ways to create better links.  


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