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I heard my friends talk about  insurance. But what is insurance anyway?  Well, insurance is something that  protects you financially against a loss,    which means that if something goes wrong,  the insurance company will pay you.  Well, what can be covered by the insurance?


Anything of value can be covered  by insurance. For example, a house,    the contents of the house or whatever's  inside the house, a car or someone's life.  Also, piano players – since their fingers are    very important – they can cover  their fingers with insurance,    and soccer players’ legs are very important so  they can cover to their legs with insurance.  Ha ha, that's funny!  Anyway, how does insurance even work?

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Well, you pay a premium or amount of money to the  insurance company, so that the insurance company    can pay you if whatever you have insured gets  damaged, destroyed or stolen. You also have to    file an insurance claim to let the insurance  company know that something has happened.  Well, is the insurance really expansive?  It depends on what you insure and  the kind of insurance. 

Insurance for flooding 

For example,    home insurance that covers fire and theft  won't be very expensive. But if you also add    insurance for flooding in a coastal area or area  around a river, it can become more expensive.  Does the amount of money that you pay to  the insurance company, or premium, change?  Again, it depends on the kind of insurance  that you have. Because in life insurance,    the premiums usually will not change from one year  to another if you have bought it for a long term.


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