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How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts Without Making Videos (2022)  Copy and Paste YouTube Shorts

In today's video, we are going to discuss how you can earn money with the help of YouTube shorts without creating any video. That means that you don't need to create Shorts, neither you need to shoot nor record your audio, but you will still earn money. How so? 

YouTube Shorts

As I mentioned in my previous video, a lot of subscribers can be gained through YouTube Shorts. There is a channel named Shivam Malik. Somebody informed me in the comments that there is a channel named Shivam Malik. He is an Indian YouTuber who gained 1.62 million subscribers through YouTube Shorts during the last one year.

 Another channel, which all of you must have watched, most people must have watched, even I have watched it. The channel is A2 Motivation. This channel has gained 10 million subscribers in just one year with the help of YouTube Shorts alone. They upload 3 videos every day and every video gets 4-5 lakhs to 1 million views. 

Definitely, money can be generated with such a high number of views and subscribers. I will share everything about how to do so in this video. If you like the video after watching it, then hit the like button and also subscribe to the channel. This method has only 4 steps. The first step is simple, that is to choose the category of the Shorts that you are going to upload on YouTube.

 The most popular category is telling facts, that is to tell a fact to people which they did not already know. People stop scrolling and watch them. Then the audience retention gets higher, you get more views, and hence more push, and if you get views, you will also make money in the long term... long run... the long run.

The next thing is to make the scripts

 So we chose facts as our category. The next thing is to make the scripts. You don't have to shoot the video, you just have to make scripts. How to make scripts? Don't use your own mind. You just have to copy and paste. The Short video that I am going to make is about the English language. I will tell people the facts about English that they don't already know and that will astonish them. 

So I... Simply... Google is the best thing. I will search for 'English facts' on Google. I got a lot of English facts. Let me open any one of them. I will pick anyone from here. I got 10 facts, I can use any one or all of them. I opened the Notepad. You can open Notes on your phone, if you are using your phone. 

Grab the attention of the viewer

Grab the attention of the viewer

I got three facts from this article that I think are good and can grab the attention of the viewer. Now we are required to convert this text into the form of a video. Then we will complete the next steps to earn money through it. For this, we will use In Video. There is a website I will provide its link in the description. After opening it directly, you'll get 3 options, Pre-made Templates, Text to Video, and Blank Canvas. 

You have to select Text to Video. Since we are not shooting or recording our own video, and we already have a script, select 'Text to Video'. We again get three options, Wide, Square, and Vertical. If you want to create a video for YouTube, you can select Wide for a 16:9 ratio. 

You can use Square for Instagram. And select Vertical for Reels and YouTube Shorts. We are going to use it. There are a lot of templates. You can choose any of them. I am choosing the one I like. I have chosen this template. I will choose Vertical and click on Use this template. One more thing that I want to tell you about InVideo is that it has over 5000 templates that you can use. If you are converting from text to video, you will get over 50 templates. We already have our script. 

Auto suggest images and videos

I have the script here. "10 Interesting facts about the English language that you didn't know." I entered this as the headline. It's too long. Let's replace '10' with '3' because I picked only 3. So this was our title. Now I will simply copy and paste the fact that I saved in the Notepad. Then, the second fact. The last fact. We have done all three things. "Three interesting facts about the English language" I have also added the facts. One more option is there 'Auto suggest images and videos'.

 If you want it to suggest images and videos to you based on these words, then you can check it. You will understand now as I will click on Next. Along with this, if you want to find facts, let me tell you about another good website. On this website, you will get a lot of facts and so many categories. You will see the categories here and here. You can choose any category. 

You will get a lot of effects of different types. You will get everything from animals, health, and fitness, to everything. Otherwise, you can surely earn lakhs. If you get even 1% of his views, you can make a lot of money. Now I simply chose this product and put the link generated in the description of the Short video and started earning money. Guys, this was today's video. I told you how you can generate income through YouTube Shorts without creating Shorts.

YouTube Shorts without creating Shorts.

 I also want to tell you that if you want to try In Video, you can try it. The link is in the description. If you want to join their community, you can also do that. I will provide its link in the description. I will also provide the link to their YouTube channel in the description. You will find all the links in the description of this video. Use my code 'AKSH25' if you want to buy In Video. Otherwise, its free plan is also available. You can try it and then shift to the paid plan later. 

It depends upon you. So this was today's video. If you liked the video, hit the like button. Also, subscribe to the channel to get more such helpful content in the future. I'll see you in the next video. Until then,


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