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Difference Between Domain Authority Backlinks Single Article Backlinks  Rank Google with SEO 2022

Difference Between Domain Authority Backlinks

Welcome back We was in the cause now in this very important lecture. I want to tell you the difference between domain authority in a single article. So the thing is, this is our Web site that Kimbrell list dot com is the domain name for which we were creating back links to increase its domain authority. Right. So after that. 

No, this is a separate page. When I click this page, you see the You URL is different here opposite the dot com. You see best SD card for GoPro camera. So this is a whole modeling in. This is very unique to Google. Right now, Google has to treat this page separately. 

Google wants you to get it to UNbacked links for this page, nor for the domain, because the domain is a very huge topic for so many different keywords in so many different topics. So we can not renk over domain for keywords. We have to drink this Web site. This single article for a specific keyword, like, for example, if I scroll down, best camera for film making. 

This is my key word for this single article. So I have to to get back links for this. For this single article I had to first do on page or to make sure on pages, Sue is right for this page. And then when I see the pages, no drinking in Google without Becklin, then I had to go and create backings. But for this single article. So that is the thing I want to tell you. In this lecture. Now, let me put to you. Let me give you an example. And real time. 


So I'm just putting my domain, the other domain, I have other Web site about traveling. So I'm eating the dot com here to this tool had ups and I would just search for it and I will show you how the domain name works and how the single article works. Now, when I did this on my Web site here, you can see the you r rating is 33, which is very huge. The domain rating is fifteen, which is okay. And you see the links, more than a thousand Bucklings. Two hundred thirty refereeing domains and stuff like that. Now, I'm going to actually. Go to another page, for example. This page on my Web site. This is a single article once again, right?

 It is not the main domain, but a single right. A single article is a different separate page for this keyword, best alternatives. So now you see all these back links, the reference domains that you are reading now. I will eat. Or I should do it in a different, you know, different window, right? So that you can actually. See this one in a different window? The single article. Because you can check for any domain. And also for a single article, you can check the demand rating in your reading for any any link here. OK. Now, here you can see the you are editing for my domain name is 33. While on the other hand, here you can see it is just nine. 

The D.R is fifteen here and here as well, because this is the domain. Right. So the domain is same for both because this you are here is part of the same domain name. That is why it is 15. It will always be the same. Right. The main thing is this. You are rating. What is this? You are leading. This is related to this specific. You are. Because how how strong this you are it is that will it truly be here in the you are elevating. Now if you see only Dubeck links and to represent domains. Right. And on the other hand, you see here more than 1000 back and 230 referendums. 

This means this single euro has only two barclays' and two reference domains. Now, when we have more Bucklings and more referendums this year, orientating will be increased. And ultimately, that will also help. The domain rating demanded will also be increased because these backings are pointing to this link, this specific bit, but also this is pointing to our domain name. 

Now, the thing is sometimes like we have selected very low competition keywords like difficulty keywords. So we are waiting like for five to six weeks or two months. We are waiting and we are expecting that this article, for example, will be ranked in Google without any back link linking or without any back link, because this is a low competition keyword. So we are expecting that.

Keyword research

Keyword research

 But sometimes the article is coming. To the second or third page of Google, and it is stuck there. It is stuck there. It is not coming up. You know, the first page when we see that article is stuck there. Then we had to create some big links like. Five to 10 back links in order to push it to the first page. That is why we need these back links for the single article. And this is why you need to understand the difference between the single article in the domain, the menu, you up your site. 

OK. After you understand this thing, it will be easier for you to create better links for this single article. Right now, when we were creating, you know, when we were creating the back links, like, for example, if I go to keyword research. And I had right. Let me write a keyword so I can once again give you an example for what I am talking about. Like, for example, if I write a keyword. And this search for it. Now, you see this keyword has a live in difficulty, right? It is medium and the sexual human stuff like that. Now, if we come to the reserve here. 

The top end results on Google. I've been to you. We did the keyword research using these different features like D.R. How many demands and beckoning. This article has and the traffic they're receiving like. If you look at this example, the Deeyah up, the dogs are very high and then we have the demands here, the battling here. However, they are receiving like a very huge strapping. But these back links, this back links, this beginning's in domain names are for this single article. 

Single article

This up north for the main domain. These are for this single article. This mean this guy has created thirty one back links for this article. So that is why it is on the top of Google. Some people have just it demanded nine burgling. Some have like five, four to five backing. And we had to create back. Like, if we could eat five to six backings for this article, then the chances will be more for us to rank this article in Google. But those links should be most of the links should be do follow and relevant. But that is what I'm going to teach you in the next video.  

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