How To Reach 4000 Hours Watch time FAST (2022 METHOD)

Reach 4000 Hours Watch time 

 There is one simple technique to get 4k watchtime hours and 1k subscribers this is by far the fastest methodology and the most effective strategy for anyone don'twaste time elsewhere just follow this strategy and your channel will hit the 1000 subscriber mark and 4 000 watch hours within one week.

How To Reach 4000 Hours Watch time FAST (2022 METHOD)

so what method do i use i actually use youtube ads and if you're wondering why i use youtube ads this is because this allows me to hit 1000 subscribers and  also 4k watchtime  hours from new channel  within 4 days so all i have to do put my video an ad it will get me views and because i have views on the video i will gain more watch time and because i have watch time.

 I also will gain subscribers but before you say don't you have to pay for ads yes you do but google actually gives everyone who starts a google ads account 100 for free so this means you can actually use this to generate free views and subscribers to your channel so for me it's a win-win and yes this strategy i've admittedly sampled and i have been through the hard trouble of spending plutocrat on youtube advertisements and blowing some of program so when i narrate you i know so when i tell you i know what i'm talking about you can believe me so if you want to use youtube ads to grow your channel to hit the monetization threshold here's what you need to do step one setting up your channel for ads in order for your channel to be set up properly for ads and for it to actually get the best results .

Watchtime FAST

 you will also need a good and best youtube channel banner and a channel logo and you need at least three videos non copyright that are highly relatable and are highly watchable and as long as possible ideally around seven to ten minutes for each video now the reason you need to have three videos minimum is because here's what happens when you spend money on youtube ads a viewer comes into one of your videos if they like it they will check out another and another video so the more videos you have the more views you can get and the easier it is to build your watchtime so once you have your channel set up and your three videos on the channel with a good thumbnail you need to head over to youtube ads. 

How To Reach 4000 Hours Watch time FAST (2022 METHOD)

you need to go ahead and click create new campaign once you've done this you will be on this page and when you are on this page you need to click create a campaign without a goals guidance then click video campaign then custom video campaign now what you need to do is name your campaign set the amount to how much amount you are able to spend and if you want to get  4k watchtime hours and 1k subscribers the prices are directly depend on your niche  so most  niches are more expensive than the others overall it cost us 1k dollars to get four thousand watch hours and around one thousand five hundred to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers .

Now this price may seem quite high but it can actually be a pretty good investment because it now means that once you hit the monetization threshold you will actually start to earn that deep pocket back and on all my channels onetime i had the subscribers and started posting videotapes they watched them and i started to make my deep pocket  back so now select locations depending on your audience or your target audience you need to select the relevant viewers.


How To Reach 4000 Hours 

For example if your channel is in english you need to advertise in all english-speaking countries now go to languages select the language of your content inventory type standard inventory add group give it a name next for the demographics if you have some statistics try to exclude the irrelevant viewers so for me that's those above the ages of 45 plus and anyone below the age of 17 as for the gender you can see it's above 90 male so we will only be advertising to males do not select any keywords do not select any topics as for placements. 

You can use other relevant videos which are very similar to yours i would suggest looking for videos that have recently been posted in your niche once you find these you have to add these placements and now your video appear as an advertisement along side them for the maximum bid i would start with 5 cent and the lower this until you see it starts to affect performance also you need to add your videotape be sure to add your videotape as a videotape discovery announcement add the caption the description then name this ad of course a name for the ad. 

How To Reach 4000 Hours Watch time FAST (2022 METHOD)

When that's all done click create campaign it takes 24 to 48 hours for your campaign to go live once that's done you need to now add your other two videos click on your campaign then ad groups then click the plus icon and then add the second and third video just like you did the first one once that's done click on your campaign then click on ads and extension then look at the tab called policy details this tab will show you if an ad has been approved or not if your ad has been disapproved they will tell you why and you can make those changes in order to allow your ad to be approved. 

You can also view the relevant stats such as how many subscribers you have earned and how many earned views you have which means people who saw your ad and then people your other videos once you have three ads running you need to let them run for three days after three days you need to look at which ad had the most watch time and then pause the rest this is so that all of your ad spend goes into the video which will give you the most return on your investment if we look here you can see that it shows how much people will view a video then you will just pause the other two ads which didn't perform as good as the one that did so now all your money is being spent on your best performing video.

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