How to get 1k Subscribers Tips to Grow YouTube Channel

 How to get  1k Subscribers  Tips to Grow   YouTube Channel 

How to get  1k Subscribers  Tips to Grow  YouTube Channel

we're gon na be covering nine super important tips that most new YouTube generators miss that will help you grow your YouTube channel from zero to 1000 subscribers important hastily. Hey, it's Justin Brown also from primitive videotape, where we help you grow an cult and handyourprofitwithonlinevideo.However, make sure you are giving it a thumbs up, If you are seeing value in this videotape. 


 It really makes a huge difference. All the links to everything we mention in this videotape, you can find linked in the description box below. Let's jump into it. Now I completely get it. Starting out on YouTube can be frustrating, inviting. 

And as a freshman, there's a lot to learn. It takes longer to produce vids. And without knowing how to really optimize them, they do not get any views or subscribers. It's incredibly demotivating, and why utmost generators quit before they see any traction. 

 Fortunately, some of the simplest tweaks that we have made to our channel, and our videotape optimization process have yielded the biggest results. So this videotape is about skipping the knowledge wind so you can getsomeofthoseresultsnow.So let's dive right into nine thingsthat you should apply right now so you can set your channel up to maximize results from your truly coming videotape. 


Okay, so number one, you wan na make sure that you've got your channel fully set up. So go and log into your YouTube channel, and open up the plant dashboard area. Down on the left hand side, you will see customization, and also you wan na come up to branding. 


How to get  1k Subscribers  Tips to Grow  YouTube Channel

 Now, first out in also you wan na make sure that youhaveaprofilepictureadded.So for us, with our channel, we just use a print of me, but it could also be a company hallmark or a channel hallmark depending on what you are subsequently. Next, you wan na make sure you've got abannerimageaddedaswell.This is the image that goesat the top of your YouTube channel runner. So this is a great occasion for you to get creative and to produce commodity that really stands out, but also it lets people know what your channel is about. 

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 Now we've a full step- by- step tutorial that I will link up in the cards, and in the description taking you through step- by- step creating your own banner image. 

 And you also wan na add a videotape watermark. And again, I will put a link down in the description to a tutorial that we created, taking you through creating your videotape watermark image. Once you've checked you've got those three goods sorted, you wan na come across to the introductory word tab at the top, and you wan na make sure that you've got a channel description entered. 

 This is where you can class in a multitudinous rulings or paragraphs about what your channel is about, and the types of contentthat you are gon na be releasing on there. And this textbook will show up on your YouTube channelundertheaboutsection. 

 Still, you can also add in links to your YouTube channel as well, If you keep scrolling down. So you could be linking off to your website, your other social media lives or indeed any lead lodestones or free PDF downloads or attendants and goods that you've got, you can link those in also as well. 

From there, you can set how numerous of those links will actually be shown at the top of your YouTube channel runner. So you can see, we have presently got five named. And I'd also recommend you adding in an dispatch address down in the bottom under contact word, so that people can communicate you if they wan na work with you or unite. 

 The other thing you wan na check is that you've vindicated your YouTube channel so that you've uncorked access to all the features. So you wan na come down to the bottom left- hand corner to settings, also over to channel, and also feature eligibility. 

 So if you are seeing the option there to corroborate your channel, also you'll need to do it also over the phone, or via a textbook communication to unlock all of the spare features. So all of that was number one, making sure your channel is set up rightly. Number two is to probe before you produce your content. 


How to get  1k Subscribers  Tips to Grow  YouTube Channel

 This is one of the biggest misapprehensions we see a lot of people make, and we made this mistake when we first started out, and when our channel was not growing. So doing this content or keyword exploration is gon na allow you to be really strategic with the content that you are creating. 

 It's gon na allow you to know that there's demand, and know that people actually want the content that you are gon na produce before you produce it, saving you a ton of wasted time on creating stuff that no bone can find or that no bone actually wants. But doing this exploration is also gon na allow you to connect and engage with your observers on a deeper position, because you will have farther perceptivity into what position they are at. 

That is a bad signal, and YouTube is gon na stop promoting and pushing your content. So you wan na be hooking your observers into your videotape directly letting them know that they are in the right place. Letting them know that you are actually going to cover off on the content, or to entertain them, or to do what you said you were going to do in the title and in the thumbnail of your videotape. 

 Get  1k Subscribers 

 So do not drag out your videotape preamble. Make it short, sharp, punchy, and let people know they are in the right place. Now to help you with your videotape structure, we have got another videotape which I will link in the description, taking you through a frame that you can use for each one of your vids, and that we use for ours to help keep people engaged to the end. Number six is to use playlists. Playlists are an amazing tool on YouTube that will really help you guide the bystander trip, and have people watching further of your content. 

 So basically what a playlist is, is a group of YouTube vids that you get to specify which vids are in there, and what order they are going to play. You can produce as numerous playlists as you like. 

And each playlist has the implicit to rank and show up on YouTube as if it was its own devoted piece of content. So just like a regular videotape, a playlist can have a title or a name, and it can also have a description, where you are suitable to put in some keywords and vital expressions to help people find and consume that content. 


 You can also use playlists on your YouTube channel runner to help group and separate different types of content that you might have on your channel. Number seven is to suppose of the bystander trip. We wan na be alive that we're creating a good experience with our content for the bystander and for YouTube. So one of the goods that YouTube is looking at is how long a bystander stays on the platform, how long their YouTube session goes for. 

 And if we can help the bystander stay on the platform longer by them watching one of our vids and also flowing through and watching other vids latterly, that's a good index to YouTube that we've kept a session going, and that we are not a session killer. No bone 

wantstobeasessionkiller.However, and leaving YouTube altogether, that's a bad index to YouTube, If people are leaving your vids. 

 So what we wan na do also's take a step back. And we wan na consider what's the coming voguish videotape for our observers after they've watched one of our vids? So you are gon nalookattheindividualtopic.However, what's the coming voguish videotape for me? 

Tips to Grow  YouTube Channel 

And if you do not have that coming voguish videotape on your channel, also link them off to another channel that does, If I was watching this specific videotape on this content. 

 This is going to produce ties between your content and that other channels content. You could do it to a much bigger channel especially if the cult imbrication is there. This is going to associate your channel observers with their channel observers, and you are much more likely to show up in suggested and recommended off the reverse of them. But, you are suitable to also keep that bystander happy, keep that view of having a good experience. 

 So if you do not have the coming voguish videotape for your bystander, also link off to a channel that does. You can always come back latterly and change it out for yours when you've got yours made. Number eight is to make an dispatch list. 

This is commodity that is not only gon na help you grow your YouTube channel, it's also gon na help you make that know, like, and trust, and consolidate that relationship, and consolidate that discussion with your most pious suckers and followers. But it's also commodity that can help you make your online business, and bring in new profit courses as well. 

 Erecting an dispatch list is so important, because it's your direct line of communication to your most pious people. The people that are choosing and wanting to hear further from you. And at any given moment you can directly communicate with them without any algorithm or any announcement system stopping that communication. 


How to get  1k Subscribers  Tips to Grow  YouTube Channel

 Now, if you wan na find out further about growing your dispatch list and you wan na know how to do it with YouTube, and how to use it to grow your YouTube channel, also check out the videotape linked in the description below. Number nine is to apply, learn, tweak, and evolve, and duplication. By espousing a growth mindset, you are going to have success on YouTube important hastily. 

YouTube isn't an late thing. YouTube is the long game. So by taking the approach of what can I ameliorate on every single time? That is gon na mound up. That 1 enhancement on each little task over time is going to add up and add up, and you'll see results, you'll see growth much, important hastily. So always push to be administering, learning, tweaking, evolving. And also, going through it again. 

 So now, if you are ready to level up your keyword exploration and come up with motifs of vids that you know people want, and help you get your content to the top of Google and YouTube, also make sure you are grabbing your free dupe of our YouTube ranking companion which is linked on the screen now, and I will see you in the coming bone. 

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