How to create windows 10 RDP on Microsoft azure portal $200 credit 16GB RAM |

 Create windows 10 RDP

Create windows 10 RDP

Hello in moment's videotape i am to show how to produce a windows 10 virtual machine on microsoft azure product using the uh microsoft azure free tyre account that has 200 bottom credits so the you know 10 virtual machine this bone

that i am going to produce you have 16gb of ram memory and the charges will be from the 200. 

 Windows 10 RDP

 Credits that as we gave to me when i created the accounts so if you want to get if you want to get factual account that is how strong you have to chapter just check my last videotape or check this short videotape to get the videotape and you can float as you can see then i've wonder that is to the left wing of fruitful since then creating numerous so this ctg of windows 10 return machine the child will be will be collected from the manuka itself 

 so i am going to show you how to produce this windows machine step by step right now in this videotape so make sure to watch it to the end so if you're new to this channel kindly uh hit the subscribe button then and turn on the description i can see a new videotape you are getting a question about it so right now what i need to do is to come to my address and type so if you formerly have a microsoft azure account that has 20 cells just come as 

you can see it's on the bottom then just click enter we log into accounts and it'll take you to then to this dashboard but if we all if we do not have a an account or we are trying to business this. 


 Just check the descriptive videotape i'll link a videotape or i'll link my favored videotape of where i showed you how to produce this account that has to turn out to affect it so but for those that have formerly gotten it now what you need to do is to click uh type as 

you can see it's on the screen then so it'll first it'll log into account and it'll take you to this dashboard so right now what you need to do to produce this windows 10 virtual machine that. 

you have sitting people fire memory is to click on this virtual machines then once you click on virtual machine it'll take you to nice step which is to come then and click on produce and well after clicking on creating click configure machine then you can see it so click on virtual machine it'll load up 

so i click on it so it's in the door and there so it's absolutely loaded up so right now i need to produce the cell in the temperature machine that you have sitting then offering 


 so what i need to do now is to as you can see then this uh subscription as well subscription one the case is virtual machine name so in this case i'll use one two three this is the videotape machine so in this region i'll i will leave it to us east free service eligible so we leave to this region and this 

so i'll leave it do you can see us east so scroll down this this image i'll leave it too if you have not created anyone at all just click on then you can elect the different images so i'll leave it to window windows garçon 2019 data center and i scroll down as you can see then username directors accounts so from then i need to enter the username and word so this username and word is what we're going to use to login to the id we've targeting it so username 

i will class add menu so in this case i'll just this username i need to enter my name then or anything you want to do so this is what i want to use as a username so when i want to log into the rdp this is what i am going to enter at the username session 

so then i need to enter word so i produce word shoot so i have entered if the first one i need to end a verified word then so i have entered the evidence first row so then's this size as you can see at the top is where we're going to elect the 16 gigabytes of ram so you can see this one it's gig memo so i click then i elect the seating gig then i can see standard e2s v3 cpu 

 Microsoft azure portal $200 free credit

Microsoft azure portal $200 free credit

 i can see exiting a lot of memory charging at a 14 or 15 month so now i have named the sitting there back to i flash back then and i have entered word so what i need to do is to click on then click on coming this so right then i need to you can see comma ssd this i just change it to standard ssd ssd yes so right now i just go down click coming networking 

so i need to click on nest again so in this case i need to just click on review and position plus creates so it's recycling it now so you can see it's processing is then which we should do it or late i can see zero points to bone

you see where the per hour is the charge which we uh will be limited at uh days they should 

when he was letting the megacity get out software so right now what i need to do is to click on produce so this security exercise so i need to click on produce and this windows 10 reference that says defying of ram memory will be created so let's see it's vietnam as i have clicked on produce so it's recycling it as well initiating deployment then 

so i can see so let's be staying i can see some meeting deployments then so it's creating this every dimensional so let's be staying for it no i can see deployment in progress so it's recycling it right now so after i've process is finished also i can log into the rdp successfully the deployment is in progress then so let's be looking forward i comported deployment in progress so it'll be completed veritably soon 

Create windows 10 RDP on Microsoft

 you can see so deployments your deployment is complete as you can see it's then deployments are sitting there so this virtual machine has been hovered i can see go to the resource so this have to produce it successfully so in this case uh i need to connect to each 

so what i need to do is to click on go to resource so this is how to produce windows temperature machine that we've sitting there about of around then so after clicking on go to resource so it review then so it's loading now so right now i can start showing then so what i am going to do is to click on connection so i click on connect but you can connect to this from your phone or from your computer so right now 

I am going to connect to it through my contact so what i am going to do is to as you can see public appearance then so i copy control do open my moves desktop operation dude so this is it i press the public appearance then i bury it i click on connect so it'll tell me to put my my word so i'll put it and that is oh i'll be connected so it's going then username another so this username is one that that i created before with that link it's in the virtual machine 


 so then i entered in the word so this is the word so right now click on ok and it should be connected successfully so i can see connecting so it'll the course so then yes it'll take us to the virtual machine windows 10 so it's including so i will be watching it so this is i can see 

we're yeah so we're right in then so it's logging into the windows 10 pullout machine to one then it's each right so this operation in the temperature machine from the azure microsoft azure product so i click on your and let's go to check this is included member 

 so I click on this train director so then i click on this so i so i just click and click on parcels so right now i can see to the installed memory so if we want to learn how to stockholm and the other cybersurfer on this windows 10 virtual machine just watch my favorite videotape i should have to install chrome out of coming from air from then those would move this train for tennis discoverer and uh follow these way that i showed on that 


 I showed in my in my former videotape through it this videotape was about certificating instrument windows 10 virtual machine that have 80 gigabytes of ram soi will make the videotape in the description watch it watch it to the end to show that you have to produce so you should have learned how to install cool and also payment face where you can use it to maybe so this has to produce in the temperature machine that has synthetic to suppose about your family. 


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