How we Temper The EVM Machine in Pakistan |

EVM is Temperable

EVM is Temperable

Hello Friends today in this article. I will explain can we temper the EVM machine the simple answer is that the evm machine is temperable. 

How EVM is Temperable

In the simple words i will tell you the evm machine is used in many countries for the general elections in the country here is the list of the Country where EVM is Used.

1. Estonia

2. Belgium

3. United Arab Emirates

4. Venezuela

5. Maldives

6. Jordan

7. Namibia

8. Bhutan 

9. Egypt

10. Nepal 

What is EVM

EVM is the electronic voting machine.Which is used for the elections mostly for General elections. First thime EVM used in the 1982 Kerala’s 'Parur Assembly'.  Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) have been replaced by ballot paper system in Pakistan.

EVM in Pakistan

In the Pakistan General Elections held after every 5 years. And in the histroy of pakistan no one complete 5 years in Goverment. So some parties make the fake ballot papers of his party and win  the elections. But the former prime minister of pakistan imran khan passed a bill from the National Assembly pervoius year. According to a bill in the next general elections every voter can give his vote through the EVM. So here is the some problems for the parties who make his own fake ballot paper.                             

What do You Mean About Tempered The EVM

Goverment of pakistan give 1000000 pakistani rupess who will hacked the evm machine. Many hackers come and try but they are failed to hacked the EVM. But here is the Person Who Find The Way to Temper the EVM machine in just 10 minutes without Touch. If you want to see that person who find a way to temper the EVM. His Name is ALI RAZA.

Ali Raza is the pakistani student and also Cyber security expert . (Currently is study in  University of Okara) doing Software Engineering.

How To Temper The EVM

Here is the main Question how ali raza able to temper the EVM macine. Simple way I will Explain.      As you know about the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is the waves that destroy the every electronic device in the world. so Ali raza use this concept the source of EMP is the Nuclear Weapon. But here are some methods to make EMP with high voltage generator. so he make a device which is able  to destroy the any electronic device. 

Homemade EMP generator.

Homemade EMP generator.

This EMP is made by the Ali raza that will temper the EVM machine. First he use the normal high voltage generator . Than he used 3 high voltage generator to make it powerful.Now he will temper the EVM .

What If EVM is Tempered

If the EVM is tempered through the EMP. All the data in the EVM is destroy because EVM is the electronic machine. And also evm work like a calculator and store some data. And when all the data is removed from the machine than every party become a winner. in the simple words we can clean the storage of the evm. 

How to Make a EMP Generator

It is very easy to make a EMP generator. You need a high voltage generator about the 400k. It is not easy to find the high voltage generator. But you will buy the high voltage generator from the amazon. After getting the high voltage generator you will need a wire and than also need a battery about 9 volt. Lets make the EMP . First connect he battery with the high voltage generator wires and the next we get two main points where we recevie 400k vlotage use the wire and make around roll of the wire and connect with boths end each other than the wire connection is closed but you needa small gap for spark.Than the EMP is created and the device near the EMP is destroyed even your mobile. 

Why He Not Inform the Goverment.

Ali raza when find the mistake than email the Goverment but there is no reply than he Contact the ARY News Person, The team from the ARY News come and he will check the information after this the team want a big demo before apply on the EVM. Ali raza is agree but there is some personal family issue he cannot test it. But one day I think he will again  contact with ARY News.

Tip: I am The Ali raza who wrote this Article.

How to Safe From  Tempered  EVM

Ali Raza also find a solution that will able to block the EMP. This solution is very common but very unique. As we know EVM is the electronic device its all parts is made up of electronic parts. So if we want to save the EVM from the EMP than we covered the electronic part with aluminium foil with heavy coating. When we use the Coating of the aluminium on the internal parts of the EVM than EMP cannot passes from the Aluminium. this is the best solution.

How to Safe From  Tempered  EVM

Does WE Temper Mobile With EMP

Yes EMP destroy all the electronic devices and our mobile is also electronic device when you close the EMP to the mobile first it will damage the screen of the mobile than it will complete shutdown the device permanently. Don't try this on your mobile otherwise it will damage.

Does Govt. Improve his EVM

After reading this topic maybe govt change the EVM and make it temper free. It is only done in the govt og the former prime minister of Pakistan.

Meet with Ali Raza For more Information

If you want to get more information about to temper the EVM than Contact with Ali Raza. He start a software Company with name Nawabsoft in pakistan simply visit his website and contact with us.


This is my final words about the EVM Tempered.

It is very easy to temper the EVM and change the voting result of the EVM and this cause very serious problem in the Pakistan. Goverment of pakistan need to take action on this and and solve this issue soon otherwise it also cause the money loss of pakistan. Just cover the electronic part of EVM with the aluminium foil and make it temper free and i hope the govt take this issue very seriously and work fast.


If you face any issue please contact us.

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